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What an experience! We are appearing in a Reality TV Show!

I was invited to be a guest judge in the recent Canon Photo Face Off: Season 2 show not long ago and never in my life I thought my photography career will bring me this opportunity! This was a very very interesting and nerve wrecking experience for myself and it was a very unique experience that I will never ever forget in my life!

I had always been working and directing couples behind the camera, and let me tell you, being in front of the camera; it is a total different thing! I got to admit, I have stage fright and I have trouble with public speaking, and the only way to describe my experience during the duration of filming was: nerve-wrecking, butterflies-rumbling-in-my-tummy and mentally-strained! Imagine yourself attending a seminar with hundreds of people, and suddenly you were picked up to stage to give a talk. That’s how I felt for the ENTIRE DAY! I mean, after the filming was done, I have NEVER in my life felt so mentally tired. My brain just shuts down and I was so so tired.

Nevertheless, it was a really really interesting experience and it was great to have known all the contestants. Desmond, Iggy, Azril and Justin (Well, Justin is not really a contestant!), they are all amazing people with great set of skills. I was really honoured to be given this huge opportunity to share my 2 cents with the contestants! Our episode premieres on 29th September 2015, 10PM (Malaysian time) @ History Asia Channel (Astro Channel 575). Don’t miss it!



Here is the episode where Kenn is featured in!

Canon Photo Face Off (Season 2) – Episode 2 from Kennfoo on Vimeo.

See Kenn being featured as one of the Guest Judge in the Reality TV Series: Canon Photo Face Off (Season 2)!

Bride's Make-Up and Hair-Do is by Michelle Lum ( Check out her work at )

Sorry for the bad video quality. This video is grabbed from Youtube from an uploader nicknamed 'Whistleblower' ( Check out his channel here: )



Sharing also a few behind the scenes shot from the filming:

CPFO (1)

CPFO (1.1)

CPFO (2)

CPFO (3)

CPFO (4)

CPFO (5)

F a c e b o o k
D e s t i n a t i o n
N e w s
I n s t a g r a m