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Just yesterday I was chit chatting with a photographer colleague through MSN when he told me “Congrats! You are listed as one of ASIA’s Top 30 Photographer!”. Like a guy who strikes first prize in lottery, I was filled with many mixed emotions. Disbelieve, Happy, Confused & Shocked. Amongst all the mentioned emotions, I felt disbelieve the most. I was thinking to myself, “Top 30? in ASIA? If you’re telling me top 30 in Penang, that MIGHT STILL be possible. But in ASIA?!”

I did not believe nor even bother to find out, because — hell, to be listed as Top 30 in Asia? How big is Asia? With thousands and thousands of top notch photographer around, who am I to be listed on the same level as the Masters and Legends of the industry? There’s no freakin’ way!

But one official email from Signature Weddings Asia today proves me wrong. Again, I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings upon receiving the email, but this time, sense of joy and hapiness took over. Yes, we are officially recognized as one of ASIA’s Top 30 Photographer. If one do ask me how do I feel, well, I will say, “I am very, very, VERY proud of our brand and we are thankful to all those who had believed in our work and in us from the start until to-date”. I’ll utter that as a general answer, but deep down inside me, a sense of fulfilment lingers around and to be honest, I do feel ‘foreign’ seeing our brand being listed alongside 29 other top well-known photographers around Asia, and most of them; around the World!

With us being around the industry for such a short period of time, this recognition is really a rare given privilage, a rare given opportunity, and yes, we will receive it with great honour! Thank you!

We had always labeled ourself as one of the fastest rising in the Northern Region of Malaysia, and with this recognition, it really does strenghten our self-proclamation. Let’s hope with this, and many other future achievements, we will be able to claim ourself as one of the fastest rising in Malaysia itself.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone, every couple, every friends, and every soul who had believed in us. Please do keep believing in us! We will definitely not let your believes go to waste! Cheers always!

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Malaysia Wedding Photographer

  • Kimberley - Wow, I’m so moved reading this, your outstanding work and your humility is exceptional. Keep up the awesomeness Kenn, you are on a supersonic jet to successReplyCancel

    • Kennfoo - Kim, million thanks to your team for the recognition. We ourself are also deeply moved by it. Cheers always!ReplyCancel

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